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Personal Loans

We have a variety of personal loans available to you, including loans for cars, boats, vacations, recreational vehicles, home purchases, home remodeling, or any worthwhile purpose.

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Business Loans

For our commercial customers, we offer loans to start a business, to purchase an existing business, commercial lines of credit and loans for other business purposes.

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Mortgage Checklist

Bringing these items when you meet with your loan officer will not only speed up the application process but will help the verification process as well.

  • Most recent pay stubs (for the past 30 days)
  • Most recent tax returns with W-2's (for the past 2 years)
  • Most recent bank statements (for the past 60 days)
  • Most recent 401k statement
  • Copy of real estate contract
  • Property tax estimate or notice
  • Homeowner's insurance estimate or Declarations page

Because each home financing package is customized to meet your needs, it is important to remember that we may ask for other items as your loan is processed.