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Are you searching for a bank that makes you feel right at home? Our employees make it a priority to build a personal relationship with our customers. "Come Sail With Us" and meet our friendly staff listed below.

Board of Directors

Hugh G. Lentile, Jr.

M.L. Knight

Tina K. Kukanza

Linda B. Lentile

Leigh B. Lentile

John C. Strickland

James B. Stewart III


Atlantic South Bank - 1409 Bellevue Ave


Glenda Burke

NLMS ID# 406414

Assistant Vice President/Branch Manager/Loan Officer


Faye Thompson

NMLS ID# 406415

Loan Officer

Bryan Hendrix

Chief Financial Officer

Victoria Willis

Customer Service Representative


Karen Orr

Head Teller


Janet Henry



Jessica Magouirk

Customer Service Representative


Loan Department

Michelle Rodgers

NMLS ID# 1604163

Vice President/Credit Analyst

Kay Edge


Shannon Allison

Atlantic South Bank - 2142 Hwy 441 South


Pam Whirl

Branch Coordinator/Head Teller

Dana Davis

Assistant Branch Manager/Customer Service Representative

Leigh Lentile

Vice President/Compliance Officer/ Loan Officer

Rita McGowan

Operations Processor

Brooke Cheek


Matthew Weigel

NMLS ID# 1481984

Loan Officer

Renee McCoy

NMLS ID# 1160955

Loan Officer


Wheeler County State Bank


James B. Stewart III



Kendall Palmer

NMLS ID# 786799

Senior Loan Officer

Robert Peterson

IT Manager


Katina Nobles

NMLS ID# 406416

Branch Coordinator/Loan Officer

Regina Calhoun

NMLS ID# 786802

Loan Officer

Melissa Seabolt

Head Teller

Janice Cox


Sela Davidson


Paula "PJ" Phillips