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Are you searching for a bank that makes you feel right at home? Our employees make it a priority to build a personal relationship with our customers. "Come Sail With Us" and meet our friendly staff listed below.

Board of Directors

Hugh G. Lentile, Jr. - President & CEO

M.L. Knight

John C. Strickland

Linda B. Lentile

Tina K. Kukanza


Atlantic South Bank - 1409 Bellevue Ave


Glenda Burke

NLMS ID# 406414

Assistant Vice President/Branch Manager/Loan Officer


Faye Thompson

NMLS ID# 406415

Loan Officer

Renee McCoy

NMLS ID# 1160955

Loan Officer


Bryan Hendrix

Chief Financial Officer


Victoria Willis

Customer Service Representative


Karen Orr

Head Teller


Janet Henry



Loan Department


Kay Edge - Dublin


Shannon Allison - Dublin



Atlantic South Bank - 2142 Hwy 441 South

Michelle Rodgers

NMLS ID# 1604163

Vice President/Credit Analyst

Leigh Lentile

Compliance Officer

Candice McNeal

NMLS ID# 1633290

Loan Officer

Pam Whirl

Branch Coordinator/Head Teller


Kerri Copeland

NMLS ID# 1604142

Loan Processor


Dana Sumner

Customer Service Representative


Brooke Cheek



Wheeler County State Bank


Kendall Palmer

NMLS ID# 786799

Senior Loan Officer

Rita McGowan

Branch Coordinator


Regina Calhoun

NMLS ID# 786802

Loan Officer

Matthew Weigel

NMLS ID# 1481984

Loan Officer

Shannon Knight Brantley

Customer Service Representative

Janice Cox

Loan Processor


Dana Barber

Head Teller


Melissa Seabolt



Debra Tharpe